Adventure Vets is a mobile veterinary service that comes directly to your home to care for your pet

Services we offer include:

  • Routine vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • General health care, diet and behavioural advice
  • Chronic disease management
  • Sedation for grooming/minor wound treatment
  • Euthanasia

Currently serving the greater Launceston area  all the way to Freycinet

Adventure Vets Small Animals

small animals

Consult: Home consultations and examinations are $125-$150 and are location dependent (additional travel charges per kilometre may apply).

This includes a full physical exam (heart check, dental check, eye and ear checks, weight and joint mobility checks).

10% off pet consultation and examination for any additional pet seen during the same visit (from the same family).

Vaccination: Annual vaccinations are essential for your pet’s wellbeing and to protect them from potentially life-threatening diseases. We provide annual check-ups and vaccinations for dogs and cats (additional travel charges per kilometre may apply).

Dog annual C5 vaccinations- $125
Puppy C3/C4/C5 vaccinations- $125 (discounts for litters >5 pups)

Cat annual F3 vaccinations- $125
Kitten F3 vaccinations- $125 (discounts for litters > 5 kittens)

Adventure Vets Large Animals

large animals

A selection of large animal work is available.Consults start at $150. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Adventure Vets Wildlife


If unsure what to do or where to take injured/orphaned wildlife please ring your closest wildlife rescue organisation or carer.

Alternatively you can ring  Bonorong 24/7 on 0447 264 625.

They will contact me directly if  veterinary assistance is needed

Please note…

Not all animals require rescuing- some young birds are naturally left unattended for periods of time or may just be learning to fly.  They are often best left alone (unless they are in immediate danger) and to monitor from a distance to allow the parents time to come back. Interfering with baby birds can cause more harm than good in most circumstances.

If you find an injured or recently dead female marsupial (pouched animal) you can check the pouch as the joeys can survive for days. Please do not pull them from the nipple as this can cause injury if done incorrectly.


The loss of your best friend can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Deciding when is the right time for euthanasia can be difficult. We can help you with this by providing guidance and medical advice taking into account what is best for both you and your pet. We provide a caring and professional in-house euthanasia service to make this time as peaceful as possible for both of you.